Liberty metal box 5 wafers


Liberty metal box 5 wafers

Beautiful Liberty metal nostalgic box, finely decorated with the Montecatini coat of arms, a symbol of the uniqueness of the product and the love and attachment to it’s origins.

The ‘Cialda di Montecatini’ originates from a traditional Nordic wafer, a simple tasty and light biscuit made with high quality natural ingredients mixing together wheat flour 00, full cream milk, fresh eggs, sugar and almonds from the Puglia region. The production is carried out with two layers of wafers which contain an inimitable filling of almonds and sugar. The result is a biscuit that is light, friable, energetic and easily digested., it can be eaten as dessert with wine, with tea and chocolate, ice cream, delicate mousse, or simply alone.

Our products do not contain fat, preservatives, chemical additives. Completely natural!

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Liberty metal box 5 wafers