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Orlando Bargilli and its machinary 1940-1950
Commercial van 1960-1970
Manifesto anni 50-60
Orlando and Paolo Bargilli in front of their shop in Viale Grocco (1)
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Bargilli, a great little family business

The Bargilli company was founded in 1936 when Orlando, the founder, decided to embrace the profession of pastry chef by taking over the laboratory of a family of Bohemian Jews. Thus the current Cialda di Montecatini is born from the curious and original reinterpretation of a traditionally Nordic wafer.

” The difference between a normal product and a job done with real passion”

The son Paolo and his wife Maria now hold the management of the company which under their guidance has grown by improving production and processing techniques and maintaining the authenticity and quality unchanged thanks to the constant care in the choice of raw materials.

While still following the original recipe, the production procedure in Via Fermi, has been modernised guaranteeing high quality standards in accordance with recent laws regarding food products.

Selected ingredients

The quality of the products is fundamental. Bargilli makes a careful choice of ingredients. Raw materials selected to obtain a unique product for genuineness and delicacy.

00 type soft wheat flour
Whole day milk, sugar
Fresh eggs from hens raised “on the ground”
Apulian almonds from Murge “Filippo Cea”

The Almonds of the Murge: our Filippo Cea

Italian almonds are famous for their goodness. Almonds grown in Puglia and in particular Filippo Cea are known for their unique shape and taste.

Around the middle of the 1900s, the agronomist Filippo Cea grafted, selected and created the almond that today bears his name. Appreciated for its taste and nutritional characteristics, the Filippo Cea almond has a sweet and very intense, balanced flavor, with final notes of butter. The oil, polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins make almonds the Queen of dried fruit. Filippo Cea almonds are excellent and they are the ones we have chosen for our production.